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The Make Good Choices Podcast

The first time I took a knee in the mud at the start line and heard Sean Corvelle say "When was the last time you did something for the first time?", I knew I was in the right place.


Thanks to my man Sean Corvelle 

 for the inspiration today.   I set out for 5 hilly miles in the rain. Finished those up and got back to my truck.   His Tough Mudder pre race speech came in to my head, the part about finishing out there in course, and not at the finish line.   You gotta finish somewhere our there, and then make it to the finish line.  So I did just that, blasted through another couple miles, and survived my way back to my truck


   thanks man!    Oorah! 

Ryan Steiner

Sean Corvelle had us all take a knee and he gave a pep talk, he talked about heart and grit; and then he told some of my story of how I got here. I looked around as I listened to him telling my story and talking about how much love and acceptance I have found with all of you amazing people in the running community, I actually got choked up. He then told the crowd I was there and had me stand! So many people clapping and cheering I can’t even find the words 

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